About Us

We’re passionate about being well

Our Vision is to create, from the ground up, a Centre of excellence which nurtures early stage, often fragile, start-ups, so they become scalable World renowned Companies which deliver measurable improvements in human Wellness. Our work will have impact far beyond our geographical base in the Isle of Man, British Isles.

Often, we’re healthier when we’re young, but not always – nothing stays static. In fact, when we do stay static we’re likely to be less well. Our view of being well changes, given time, as we learn new lessons and uncover deeper insight.

So, who are we and what are we trying to do? Jurby Wellness is a multi national open Science collaboration, based on the Isle of Man, British Isles.

Our aim is to help as many as who wish, to be as well as possible, for as long as reasonably possibly – without making it all some horrible lettuce-only-munching chore. So, we want some tasty short-cuts, a few alternative ways to help us be well and to help work out why we aren’t, when we aren’t. Welcome aboard!

Courtenay Heading

Courtenay was previously retained as Healthcare Innovation Consultant to two Isle of Man Government Departments: Economic Development and the Cabinet Office. He is the co-founder of the ManxBioMed Cluster and co-oganiser of the annual ManxBioMed Conference. Since 1985, Courtenay has been in the founding team of four Companies, all of which are still in business. He relocated to the Isle of Man in 2008 to co-found Bladon Jets, while the Company has since gone on to raise £60 million. Bladon Jets seeks to disrupt the $3.4 billion/year distributed power, telecoms tower charging markets throughout Africa. Courtenay is passionate about Wellness and is an enthusiastic, all Manx weathers, long distance walker.

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Dr. Farid Khan

Dr Farid Khan is an award-winning scientist and innovator who has worked in drug discovery at GlaxoSmithKline and obtained his PhD in protein engineering from Cambridge University. Dr Khan is the founder of PharmaKure which develops drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease and has also discovered re-purposed drugs for rare diseases and new antibiotics. In addition, Dr Khan is chairman of Protein Technologies Ltd which has developed imaging agents for cancer diagnosis and treatment. He has secured over £6m of funding from private and public sources, formed key interdisciplinary collaborations with industry, academic institutions and charities including The Welcome Trust, The Gates Foundation, NHS-England and InnovateUK, the UK’s government’s principle agency for innovation. Farid is also a co-founder of the eLucid digital platform which is being utilised by the NHS for medicine adherence to enhance patient behaviours.

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